The Art of Being

Shadows; puzzles; reflections; oval frames; repurposing the old; repurposing the meaningful; catharsis; more catharsis; hope; despair; fear; anger; more fear; magic;


As I walked through the infinite halls of the different fairs during Miami Art Week, those were the recurrent themes and techniques. The most commonly overheard comments were, as it’s often the case:  ‘I could do this’, ‘ this is not art’, ‘it has been done before’.


Creativity takes courage; so much of it.

Once you are out there, everything is open to interpretation. Artists bare their souls. Every one of those pieces hanging in some lonely hall is a confession.  Embedded in the spotlight is the persuasive message of failure, that is on its own their main force of creation. The ‘real’ artist is not necessarily the one that sells the most, yet the price that his/her art bares, recognizes his/her power and assertiveness in navigating the system.

The system…

It’s called a system, because the world is engineered…

…engineered by us.

We often forget…

And the current system is based on cannibalism. We idolize those who have devoured the most: the highest prices, the biggest companies, the most followers, the most tickets sold. Buying into cannibalism makes us believe, at least on the surface, that our choice is right, because so many people agree.

I don’t live art from a business perspective, even though I respect those who engage with it through that lens. For me art is about emotion and feelings.

This year my life has been focused on self-discovery through art. I fought that side of me all my life. Studied business and marketing, and was successful in keeping that yearning on a leash, because I though art lead to sadness. It did in my family.

But we are all artists to the core. We are fulfilled the most while engaged in the process of creation in whatever path we’ve chosen. It’s innate.

Earthquakes happen when weaknesses cannot be expressed. It’s a fine line that leads to freedom.

How we deal with reality, as a collective, is the greatest challenge facing us. It has a ripple effect. Let yourself be who you are. As flawed as you might perceive yourself to be, you have the power to heal the part of the world that you can see and touch.

Pictures: Celia D Luna// Skirt: No Pise la Grama

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