Once upon a time in St. Pete

I first realized that the biggest collection of Dali’s work outside of Europe, is only a 4 hour drive from where I live, or — even better — one hour by plane, after having lived in Miami for more than a year.

I have a thing for Dalí. When I was 22 years old, I lived in Madrid, where I dedicated myself to study every book ever published regarding his life, and visited most of the places that were relevant for him. One of my most cherished findings, as I explored his journey, is that his mother made him repeat to himself in the mirror that he was the greatest artists that ever existed, starting at the age of four. I always wonder how much of an effect that exercise actually had in his life…

I do believe in magic, specially when it comes to mental programming.

Ever since my first visit, the name of this city — St Petersburg — has taken an absolute new meaning for me, and has become the ‘local’ tip I share when friends visit Miami. You’d be surprised of all the Floridians that are not aware of the exitstance of this breathtaking place.

The surrealism of the city goes beyond the Dali Museum, and that’s possibly because of its history: in the 1940’s, as World War II became more and more complicated, the city grew exponentially, and became training ground for the U.S Coast Guard and for the Air Force. Many of the troops returned after the war to make it their home.

There is nothing more surrealist than war, and I believe in the power of collective memory as a key element for the formation of future generations.

Art is everywhere, and fashion is different; a lot more daring than anywhere else I’ve been in Florida. Veganism and healthy eating is a thing — without even noticing I ended up at vegan restaurants almost every time I ate.

I stayed at the Vinoy Renaissance hotel, which is an alluring blend of 1920’s art deco architecture where celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe stayed. It is said to be a center for paranormal activity, which was a fun fact to keep in mind during my stay. It’s all over google! Yet, I don’t have any ghost stories to report on, sadly enough. 😞

My first stop was the Chihuly Collection, which is a stunning permanent installation of Dale Chihuly’s work.  It made me feel like ‘Alice in Wonderland’, because of the parallel universe he’s able to create by mixing glass, colors and emotions.

St Petersburg’s Sunken Gardens are the perfect place to escape for a moment of silence. Nature at its best mixed with  the most beautiful flamingos make for the most relaxing afternoon.

For dinner, I went to Locale Market, a curated grocery market experience with a million options available, using the freshest ingredients. Loved how the menu of the restaurant of its second floor, Farm Table Cucina, had drinks inspired in Schiaparelli’s exhibit.

Do make sure to spend as much time as possible exploring the artistic life of the city. There are many museums still on my list, but I cherish every every opportunity I get to spend time at the Dali.

eful to Visit St Petersburg and The Dali Museum for sponsoring my trip, and allowing me to create these images with Celia D Luna. Also, Carolina K facilitated the coolest artisanal made outfits ever. Thank you. ❤


  1. I found your blog and IG through your feature in Elle Magazine. As a Frida fan I appreciate your esthetic and how you’ve made it your own. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the feature!

    1. Hi! Thank you so much. I’m very grateful to Elle for the feature. So glad it brought you here! ❤ I’m passionate about what Frida stands for, and the hidden power of braids. Xx

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