Braid your sadness away/ Trenza tus tristezas

Braid your sadness away.

When you feel sad, braid your hair. As you do, the pain gets trapped between its strands, preventing it from reaching your body. Then, wait for the wind to blow hard and run. It will take all of your sadness away. Yes. Whenever you are sad, just braid your hair…

Have you noticed how life leaves you coded clues? How you find the words you were missing in others, and can only understand your thoughts through their voices? Have you noticed how deeply we are all connected and how nothing happens by mistake?
This morning as I was working on a project for a magazine with two creative forces, Cami Straschnoy, and Ale Cerutti, I was reminded of this saying from the abuelas.

I do. I braid my sadness every morning. My conversations with the mirror, are never easy. The braid carries my culture, my past, my secrets, my nostalgia. And that final knot, which is my feminist manifesto, and a reminder of how each day I need to help another woman shine, represents my hope for the world we are living in.
Today, I braid my sadness for you, Venezuela. And I wish with all my heart that your people, who are my people, will find freedom and peace through this time of hardship. And I hope that as I run, letting loose of those braids, a spark of hope spreads and your voice is finally heard.




Pictures by Ale Cerutti

Trenza tus tristezas

Cuando te sientas triste, trenza tu cabello. En la medida que lo vas haciendo, el dolor queda atrapado en las mechas, previniendo que llegue a tu cuerpo. Entonces espera que el viento sople fuerte y corre. Se llevará tu tristeza. Si siempre que te encuentres triste, trenza tu cabello…

 ¿Te das cuenta como la vida te deja pistas en clave? ¿Como encuentras las palabras que te hacían falta en otros, y que solo logras entender tus pensamientos a través de sus voces? ¿Has notado que profundamente estamos conectados y como nada pasa por error?

Esta mañana mientras estaba trabajando en un proyecto para una revista con dos fuerzas creativas, Cami Straschnoy y Ale Cerruti me recordaron este dicho de las abuelas.

Lo hago. Yo trenzo mi tristeza cada mañana. Mis conversaciones con el espejo no son fáciles. La trenza lleva consigo mi cultura, mi pasado, mis secretos, mi nostalgia. Y ese último nudo que es mi manifiesto feminista y un recordatorio de cómo cada día debo ayudar a otra mujer a brillar.  Representa mi esperanza para el mundo en que vivimos.

El día de hoy trenzo mi tristeza por ti Venezuela. Y deseo de todo corazón que tu gente que es mi gente, encuentre libertad y paz a lo largo de estos momentos difíciles. Y confío en que mientras corro dejando sueltas las trenzas, una chispa de esperanza se riegue y tu voz sea finalmente escuchada.


  1. Gorgeous post. See, when you look in the mirror and see/feel darkness, I look across a room and see such a bright and shining woman….yes, we all have our darkness’ and it is SO courageous of you to share this….and if I was as talented as you with my hair, I too would braid it for Venezuela….but I am not, so I wont.
    I just simply feel you are everything. You encompass qualities that women dream of…..and do not forget it. Keep shining my dark star….and keep writing. Your journey may be painful, but it is beautiful. Love, love, Love.

    1. Thank you so much for your words, my beauty. Words are everything. They heal, they wound… and they motivate. So happy to have crossed paths with you. ❤

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