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Bridges and Frontiers

By Danié Gómez-Ortigoza

September 9, 2020

Bridges and Frontiers
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Frontiers; religious frontiers; physical frontiers; language frontiers; social frontiers, and ideological frontiers. And yet for every frontier there is also the possibility of building bridges. And bridges are not direct entry-points. They are not doors either. They are a different way to wend one’s way through the route of understanding something that can often feel absolutely foreign.

I believe in story-telling as the building structure of those bridges. A very specific example of this in Mexican culture, is the Virgen de Guadalupe; this incredibly special lighted being was the bridge between a polytheist indigenous society and catholicism. At the time after the conquest, when indigenous tribes used to hide their deities behind the saints imposed by missionaries, Juan Diego’s story, relating the apparition of this Virgin changed the narrative.

In the current social landscape in the world, I often wonder what the bridge could be when it comes to understanding what it means to be human and developing that empathy towards our own people in the face of a refugee that is often met with extreme cruelty towards young children.

Art is often a bridge, and Aurora Molina’s work regarding the inmigrant children in the frontier gives me hope. It’s all about creating a space of reflection as individuals sew the face of a child that has suffered through this process. The work you create becomes part of a big piece that will unite more than 1000 faces, and benefit Americans for Inm

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