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The Noble Art of Letting Go and my dream super-power

If I could choose a super-power, it would be being able to let go. I used to think that mind-reading was a better option, but what good would it bring me if I’m not able to let go of all the information I get? It’s actually counter-productive.

Once upon a time in St. Pete

I first realized that the biggest collection of Dali’s work outside of Europe, is only a 4 hour drive from where I live, or — even better — one hour by plane, after having lived […]

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Day of the Death: Celebrate Life

Being alive is a fatal condition. The moment we are born, we basically begin to die. I’ve always been intrigued by Death. Every year I honor her, and the effect she has in my experience of life by celebrating ‘Day of the Death’ with my family.

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A day in Miami, at the Frost Museum of Science.

The Frost Science Museum and why it matters

I arrived to Miami by chance. In my mind, any place would be ok. I knew the drill: one year and a half of hardship while figuring out my career move, fun people to be […]