The New Latin American Equation

I have a pending balance with Latin America. Perhaps that’s unconsciously what the braid is all about. When I left Mexico, I had no idea I was actually leaving. I didn’t tell anyone beside my dad. It seemed like a ‘see you soon’ more than a ‘good-bye’, and 10 years after I wonder if I […]


Miami Swim Week: An Outsiders View from an Insiders Perspective

I’ve always been an outsider. It’s a state of mind. You see? I like to observe things from a distance even while I’m in the midst of living them. Three years ago, I went to Swim Week for the first time. I didn’t understand a thing. So many people, so little clothes… I was new […]


Viva Arte Viva: The Recurrent Themes of La Biennale di Venezia and Why They Matter

To understand how a child feels, you should look at what he draws. To understand how the world feels, you should go to La Biennale di Venezia, an emotional thermostat that translates the way people feel, as seen and felt through artists from all over the world. This year the theme is ‘Viva Arte Viva’. […]