Braided Conversations con Andy Faerman: El equilibrio entre profesión y familia

This conversation is only in Spanish. I’m still trying to figure out a way to bridge languages when it comes to videos, but I have some content only in English coming out soon. Stay tuned! Sabes? Yo pensaba que con seguir la receta biológica para una vida feliz, era suficiente, pero ya que terminé de […]

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Braided Conversations: Kalinda Kano

(This post is only in Spanish) Creo mucho  en el poder de las historias y en el poder de las trenzas. Ésta serie lleva mucho tiempo planeada, pero entre una cosa y otra, me he tardado en darle vida. Aquí va. Gracias Kalinda, por recordarme, aún siendo perfeccionista, que lo importante no es la perfección, […]

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Once upon a piñata/ Había una vez una piñata

Oh piñatas, Lovely and colorful objects of desire that make children and adults so very happy. Carton, paper, glitter and metallic hues. Cathartical works of art that allow us, since early childhood, to work towards a common objective. Joy, friendship and laughter, that eventually give way to our darkest thoughts: violence, followed by ambition and […]

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On braiding intentions and letting go of the ego

It has been five years of braiding intentions almost on a daily basis and now in the spirit of another birthday that just flew away I want to share with you something very personal, that I know we all struggle with, because I know that the more specific the story is, the more universal it […]

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On intuition / Intuición

Not enough has been said about intuition: we are taught to not pay attention to it when we are little and our parents tell us to smile, or even love someone even when something inside us says we shouldn’t: ‘You need to be polite. She’s nice’, they say carelessly, and of course what else can […]

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WRINKLE IN TIME: Las arrugas y el pasado

I once met a woman with all the right wrinkles: they told a story. Her eyes were filled with wisdom. I will never forget her face. In time, I’ve always wanted to be that woman. When I was 5 years old my mother would always shout at me whenever I did facial expressions; ‘You are going to […]

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Then she fell: On immersive experiences that can’t be shared

The funny, and perhaps unexpected side-effect of technology is that it keeps building invisible layers between us: we live through our phones and get the news and the information that we like, rarely the full picture or the things we actually need to know. We also hoard ‘knowledge’ through never-ending bookmarks, pictures and videos, without really absorbing what that knowledge means as we quickly move on to something else.

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El poder de una trenza: mini documental de Yahoo Mexico

Toda historia interesante empieza en lugares obscuros. Aquí un fragmento de mi historia y el mensaje que hay atrás de la evolución que di a la trenza Tehuana que siempre he admirado. Estoy muy agradecida a Yahoo Mexico y a Bossy Productions por la realización de éste proyecto. I believe every interesting story begins somewhere […]

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Trenzas poderosas

On crafting your own narrative

Your past is what happened to you, but the future is how you interpret it and use it to create the narrative of your life. I could say my mother left me when I was 7 years old, but in time I’ve come to realize that by not being with me, she gave me an […]

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Our digital selves

This video is a cathartic experiment that explores the narcissistic relationship we’ve developed with our phones, in the hope that by being aware of it, we figure out a way to make things better, or at least produce content that brings out the best in people.

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To all the versions of myself, with love

Somewhere not too far away from here, there’s another version of me. Actually there’s more than one. We co-exists in parallel universes, and we meet for brief moments, lost in thoughts, as we look at each other in the mirror wondering what life would look like from each other’s perspective. First there’s Maya. She came […]

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On Fear of Success

Ideas. Projects. Dreams. We all have them, but we seldom pursue them to their fullest extent. Blame it on time. Blame it on money. Blame it on someone else. The real blame will only be on you. Perhaps you are afraid of success, like I was. This is my story.

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Picture by Omar Charcousse

The Anatomy of Passion

WHEN THE BODY FUNCTIONS SPONTANEOUSLY, THAT IS CALLED INSTINCT. WHEN THE SOUL FUNCTIONS SPONTANEOUSLY, THAT IS CALLED INTUITION.” –SHREE RAJNEESH When we are born, we carry the knowledge of divinity within. If you don’t believe me, stare at a newborn straight in the eye, and you’ll understand what I mean. They know. You knew. We […]

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Art Basel 2018 : The power of silent Conversations

Art. Artist. Creation. Creativity.
Such imposing words. So intimidating. So distant.
And yet, we can all appreciate art as beauty, as a question.
As an emotion.
But what is it that we love so much about art? . Is it perhaps the beauty of it all? Is it that it materializes the value of an emotion. Or is it simply knowing that behind every piece there’s silence. So much silence in a world where noise is a constant. We’re starving for silence and that’s exactly what it seems that artists have. The opportunity to listen to their minds. Opportunities to create. Space. Solitude. Yes. we might just be buying the materialization of the greatest commodity of our time. Silence.

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On silent conversations: Journey of a braid Art Basel 2018