Who made my clothes?

Change often begins silently, followed by events that seem unimportant; for example, you wake up one morning and have breakfast. You kiss your kids good-bye, and head over to work like you do everyday, and suddenly the building you are in, collapses. No, it's not Mother Earth calling, it's preventable 'structural damage' better described as [...]

A room of one’s own

I’m inspired by the inner world of people: their perception of the world, and how they find a way to translate it into the material world, outside of their mind. Artists, icons, and some brands, are able to build their universes so well, that as you cross the door of their studios, share a stare, or enter a store, you are able to be transported into their world.

To all the women of my life on International Women’s Day

This year has been quite interesting. Terrible catastrophes like the Parkland Shooting, and unbearable situations that had become the norm (Me Too Movement), are leading an evolution on our culture. We are finally realizing we have a voice, and we need to use it. The way has been paved for this moment by generations, and [...]

Journey into 2018

We’ve made it this far. No hurricane, earthquake, war or sickness prevented us to reach this moment and face a new year — so many people can’t say the same thing. You are here; for some reason you care for what I have to say, and I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s quite intimate what [...]

Great Expectations

danie gomez ortigoza journey of a braid aventura mall citi lounge santa claus great expectations

This year, while trying to prepare a decent Christmas dinner for my family, all the ghosts of special dates gone wrong, paid me a visit. As I went through the drawers, trying to find elements to create a pretty table set-up, I remembered how much I dislike the process of trying hard to make a [...]

The Noble Art of Letting Go and my dream super-power

danie gomez ortigoza journey of a braid faena art basel miami fashion narces

If I could choose a super-power, it would be being able to let go. I used to think that mind-reading was a better option, but what good would it bring me if I’m not able to let go of all the information I get? It’s actually counter-productive.

Anatomy of a Pose

danie gomez ortigoza journey of a braid bass museum art basel miami fashion ugo rondinone

Posing. It's not a matter of vanity. It's not a matter of beauty. It has nothing to do with being superficial. It's simply that photography has become our canvas. We discover ourselves through the pictures we post. My canvas. I portray the subject I know best --which is obviously myself -- allowing the lense to [...]

Day of the Death: Celebrate Life

Being alive is a fatal condition. The moment we are born, we basically begin to die. I've always been intrigued by Death. Every year I honor her, and the effect she has in my experience of life by celebrating 'Day of the Death' with my family.

The Transformative Power of Fashion

Freedom is formlessness, yet we are all contained inside our bodies. Showing on the outside what’s inside is liberating. That’s what fashion is for me. The process of learning how to dress, is so peculiar: through it, we define, and decide who we are. Every outfit is a message, as conscious or unconscious, as we [...]

Journey Through Surrealism

Danie gomez ortigoza journey of a braid-Barco-Celia-D-Luna surrealism

I've always been intrigued by the possibility of a different reality. Through science fiction and surrealist art, I've found the perfect escape: Remedios Varo, René Magritte, Leonora Carrington, and obviously Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dalí, have transported me to worlds that cannot be, yet are so very real. Fashion has that power as well. We [...]

We Should All Be Activists

I was discussing the current state of the world with a friend not long ago, and she said that the more she felt the chaos around us,  the more she wanted to stay inside her bubble with her son, not caring for anything else. I used to be her, and my bubble was so very [...]