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The Missing Memos: Nine Things I Wish I Knew a Bit Earlier

Have you ever felt as if you’ve missed up on important memos regarding, well…  life? Perhaps someone got your address wrong, the media got in the way or something happened to the messenger that was […]

Life as a piñata: a reflection on cultural assimilation

I grew up in Mexico, a city drowned by myths, legends and ghosts, celebrating death with music and bright colors, and believing that the spirits of the departed co-exist among the living with their own […]

The silent language of objects

Objects: Man made items that own us. They contain emotions, and they have the power to freeze certain moments of life while reminding us of who we were, who we have become, or who we want to […]

Happy thoughts for tough days with a touch of darkness 

You know how there are days when nothing really makes sense, and the simple act of getting out of bed requires an extra effort? Yeah. I had one of those not long ago, and although I […]

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On post-partum depression, and my journey through motherhood.

When I become a mother/ Cuando sea mamá

 When I become a mother, oh the things I will teach my children. I’ll sing to them every song; even those songs that have never been sang. I’ll fill their minds with stories of magic […]

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Braid your sadness away.

Braid your sadness away/ Trenza tus tristezas

When you feel sad, braid your hair. As you do, the pain gets trapped between its strands, preventing it from reaching your body. Then, wait for the wind to blow hard and run. It will […]