Jump… (Journey Through Reinvention)

You see a cliff. You know you can’t go back to where you came from, but you are terrified of jumping. You look down, but it’s impossible to see where it will take you.There’s only darkness.You are not confortable where you are, but you know you can stay there (if you want), slowly shrinking and [...]

Journey From Within

Dress by Pompi Garcia, pictures by Celia D. Luna. I've been struggling the last couple of days to use the right words to express how I feel. If you follow my stories through Instagram, you know what I mean. First it was Irma, who threatend to destroy Miami. She taught me what fear was. Just [...]

The Surrealism of Catastrophe: Hurricane Irma

We read daily stories regarding natural disasters, war, or dictatorships and see them as something so distant. It's the first time I live a natural disaster of this kind, and I was pretty impressed by all the feelings and emotions I went through. Even with such little damage, I know I was changed for life [...]

The Currency Behind Being Human

Media companies, advertising agencies and retail are suffering. Insta-sensations are thriving. We are addicted to our phones. No one really knows how to price, or market themselves any longer. In other words, there's flux everywhere. Why is everything such a mess? The thing is, we are different. We used to like perfection. We actually thought [...]

On Instagram addiction, and the importance of finding beauty in sadness

I have to confess: I fill almost every short gap in my life with instagram. Elevators, street-lights, lonely lunches... You see? It has become a friend to me. I kept myself far away from it until I started working for Glamour. Previous to that I managed social media communities for brands, so obviously the last [...]

The Missing Memos: Nine Things I Wish I Knew a Bit Earlier

Have you ever felt as if you've missed up on important memos regarding, well...  life? Perhaps someone got your address wrong, the media got in the way or something happened to the messenger that was supposed to deliver the right messages. The consequences are clear. You are caught fully off guard. ...Or maybe you are [...]

Life as a piñata: a reflection on cultural assimilation

I grew up in Mexico, a city drowned by myths, legends and ghosts, celebrating death with music and bright colors, and believing that the spirits of the departed co-exist among the living with their own role in the life of those who love them, and won't let them go. I would attend mass, and look [...]

The silent language of objects

Objects: Man made items that own us. They contain emotions, and they have the power to freeze certain moments of life while reminding us of who we were, who we have become, or who we want to be. I often stare at people as they peek through window displays. Children look at them with their eyes full [...]

The F word

I am a feminist. No, I don't burn bras, and I do love make-up. I wear lipstick almost every day. Red. I have nothing against men, quite the contrary... I am a feminist by chance. I grew up in a society where it was common to be told 'Calladita te ves más bonita', which is the equivalent [...]

Happy thoughts for tough days with a touch of darkness 

You know how there are days when nothing really makes sense, and the simple act of getting out of bed requires an extra effort? Yeah. I had one of those not long ago, and although I searched for the people that usually recharge me, it just didn't help. Sometimes it's so hard to turn emotions into [...]

When I become a mother/ Cuando sea mamá

On post-partum depression, and my journey through motherhood.

 When I become a mother, oh the things I will teach my children. I’ll sing to them every song; even those songs that have never been sang. I’ll fill their minds with stories of magic and wisdom, and show them how life and emotions work. I will let them get dirty when they play. We [...]

Braid your sadness away/ Trenza tus tristezas

Braid your sadness away.

When you feel sad, braid your hair. As you do, the pain gets trapped between its strands, preventing it from reaching your body. Then, wait for the wind to blow hard and run. It will take all of your sadness away. Yes. Whenever you are sad, just braid your hair... Have you noticed how life [...]

On dying a little every day, and why it’s worth it/ El valor de morir constantemente

We all have a couple of quotes that are present in our minds in special ways. When I was a little girl, I remember someone said that ‘life was nothing but a chain of deaths’. The first time I heard this statement, was right after witnessing the death of my grandfather, taken away by a [...]