Made in Miami: un espacio de coworking femenino y una marca feminista de Sarah Akiba.

Por Danié Gómez-Ortigoza

9 de mayo de 2018

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Entrepreneurship takes courage. A lot of it. I got to work on a project with GoDaddy where we focused on entrepreneurs and small business owners in Miami . During the interview we were able to highlight their entrepreneurial journey and how they made their own way pursuing something they love. I wanted to take that a step further and showcase more about these beautiful people in Miami and what they bring to the community.

My first stop was AWOM Club.

The entrepreneur behind it, Sarah Akiba, believes in the power of community, and women helping each other. She works closely with teenagers with difficult economical situations to help mentor them and lead them in the right direction through Angel Watching Over Me Foundation, which was created in loving memory of his father, who lost a battle to lung-cancer recently. As an entrepreneur she has also created a female only co-working space and photography studio, called AWOM LAB, and a clothing brand, AWOM CLUB.

More on the way she sees life, and defines success on the video below.