On braiding intentions and letting go of the ego

It has been five years of braiding intentions almost on a daily basis and now in the spirit of another birthday that just flew away I want to share with you something very personal, that I know we all struggle with, because I know that the more specific the story is, the more universal it [...]

Miami Swim Week 2019 (or how I discovered I’ve turned into a Conversationalist)

Inclusion, sustainability, and beautiful productions were some of the components of this year's Swim Week. It truly is a special week for Miami.  I'm usually traveling during this time of year, but this time I chose to stay here. In time, specific events like this one, become references to remember what life felt like before. [...]

Journey through the USA: Charleston and Savannah

It's easy to get lost in the bling-bling that the United States portrays, because of the shopping experiences, branding, the shows... and yet, there is so much history to be explored. I spent a couple of days in South Carolina and Georgia. To my surprise, both Savannah and Charleston proved to be extremely charming towns, filled [...]

On intuition / Intuición

Not enough has been said about intuition: we are taught to not pay attention to it when we are little and our parents tell us to smile, or even love someone even when something inside us says we shouldn’t: ‘You need to be polite. She’s nice’, they say carelessly, and of course what else can [...]

Florence and The Machine and why it matters today

People used to be able to unite under one voice: the world would tune in, and the masses would sing together led by the music and life philosophy of the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Prince, the Rolling Stones or Madonna.But somewhere along the way, things evolved: technology gave access to more and more voices. It demystified [...]

WRINKLE IN TIME: Las arrugas y el pasado

I once met a woman with all the right wrinkles: they told a story. Her eyes were filled with wisdom. I will never forget her face. In time, I've always wanted to be that woman. When I was 5 years old my mother would always shout at me whenever I did facial expressions; 'You are going to [...]

The Invisible Thread: Canvas by Onda de Mar

The thing about mirrors is how they trick us into believing we are something that we are not: adjectives; adverbs; al those voices come to mind. I’m not at all what you see; I’m (like you) just a soul trapped inside a body going through the human experience. And yet, the story this mirror tells, [...]

Then she fell: On immersive experiences that can’t be shared

The funny, and perhaps unexpected side-effect of technology is that it keeps building invisible layers between us: we live through our phones and get the news and the information that we like, rarely the full picture or the things we actually need to know. We also hoard 'knowledge' through never-ending bookmarks, pictures and videos, without really absorbing what that knowledge means as we quickly move on to something else.

On transitions and creating a statement

There are two kinds of transitions: some simply ‘happen’, (for example you meet someone who eventually becomes a turning point in your life), and others are marked on a calendar, like births and weddings.   This  is a moment of transition for me on every level. After 33 years and an awful lot of experimentation, [...]

El poder de una trenza: mini documental de Yahoo Mexico

Trenzas poderosas

Toda historia interesante empieza en lugares obscuros. Aquí un fragmento de mi historia y el mensaje que hay atrás de la evolución que di a la trenza Tehuana que siempre he admirado. Estoy muy agradecida a Yahoo Mexico y a Bossy Productions por la realización de éste proyecto. I believe every interesting story begins somewhere [...]

On crafting your own narrative

Your past is what happened to you, but the future is how you interpret it and use it to create the narrative of your life. I could say my mother left me when I was 7 years old, but in time I’ve come to realize that by not being with me, she gave me an [...]

Our digital selves

This video is a cathartic experiment that explores the narcissistic relationship we've developed with our phones, in the hope that by being aware of it, we figure out a way to make things better, or at least produce content that brings out the best in people.

To all the versions of myself, with love

Somewhere not too far away from here, there’s another version of me. Actually there’s more than one. We co-exists in parallel universes, and we meet for brief moments, lost in thoughts, as we look at each other in the mirror wondering what life would look like from each other’s perspective. First there’s Maya. She came [...]

On Fear of Success

Picture by Omar Charcousse

Ideas. Projects. Dreams. We all have them, but we seldom pursue them to their fullest extent. Blame it on time. Blame it on money. Blame it on someone else. The real blame will only be on you. Perhaps you are afraid of success, like I was. This is my story.

The parallel universes we inhabit

It’s easy to say that it’s the journey that counts, not the destination, and it's true, but how often do we forget the other crucial element: the place where the journey begins: the contrast between being born in one place versus another, in one skin, one culture, one language, one color and the impact that [...]