In a society where everything has a price-tag attached to it, what is the value of an emotion?

December is the most important month of the year in Miami. All the key personalities of the world are here for the week, searching for the greatest art in the market. Curators, designers, collectors, gallerists, artists, fashion personalities; all of them, united, if only for a week.

It’s a very special way to finish the year: art becomes a visual summary, and thermostat, of the current state of the world. It converges with fashion and design in a unique way, always making you realize, there is so much more than what meets the eye.

This has been a year full of obstacles and unpredictability. Our understanding of reality, has been challenged by fake news, natural disasters, mass shootings, and the constant threat of nuclear attacks. The line between good and evil has never been more blurry, and we all feel an inate desire to go back to ‘the source’ in whatever way we can, either by becoming more spiritual, eating organic, reducing our consumption of animal produce, choosing sustainable fashion, or simply giving up on a life of excess to return to what makes us feel safe and more grounded.

In contrast, our relationship which technology has evolved: we have more friends than we have ever had, but less meaningful interactions. We dive into our screens, and loose touch with reality by experiencing a curated version of the world that we live in.

Yet one constant remains, through all this noise: the awe that we feel when a man made object speaks to us making us put our phones down and reflect for a second.

In other words, the experience of art remains priceless.

Jeff Koons, Patricia Fields, Grimanesa Amoros, Claude Picasso, and Laura Kimpton, were some of the personalities that added a touch of awe to my journey in 2016. Looking forward to what this year may bring.

Thank you to the newly inaugurated Bass Museum in Miami, for allowing us to photograph the work of Ugo Rondinone.

Pictures by: Celia D Luna

Dress by: Style Rac and Top Shop

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