Let’s Talk About Costa Rica: A Journey of Friendship and Discovery

What does a Colombian actress and model, Victoria Secret’s first Latin American Angel, a celebrity stylist, and I have in common? We are passionate for our roots and have a burning desire to share with the world what Latin America is made of.

La Chechi, Inés Rivero, Irma Martinez and I are traveling together to Costa Rica. The four of us are nomads, and have left the countries we grew up in a long time ago. Our careers have evolved elsewhere and our very different journeys have converged in Miami. We see our countries with a unique perspective, given the distance and want to give as much as we can back to that region of the world that we might not longer fully belong to, yet love with all our hearts.

With La Chechi the day Isabel Marant, Miami opened.

Living in different countries does that to you. As proudly as you can carry your heritage, it turns you into an oxymoron full of contradictions and you can no longer define yourself purely by your nationality. Sounds glamorous, but it isn’t. It’s quite tough.

With Irma Martinez at the presentation of Adriana Barra at Bossa Concept, Miami

I look forward to this trip. We will live first hand what the local fashion industry is up to by attending two very interesting events: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week San José, and the first edition of Costa Rica Fashion Summit, where personalities such as Carmen Busquets, a Venezuelan pioneer and fashion entrepreneur who co-founded Net-a-Porter among other projects, Kat Davey, the scenographer behind Mario Testino’s work, Stefan Siegel, founder of Not Just a Label, a creative hub that fosters innovation in the fashion industry, Araceli Graham, founder of Cooperativa Shop, and Karla Martinez de Salas, Chief Editor of Vogue Latin America will speak, among other amazing personalities, about fashion and sustainability.

Costa Rica is a pioneer in this regard: 99% of its energy comes from renewable sources, 51% of its land is protected as natural reserves, and is committed to becoming the first carbon neutral country in the world.

With Inés Rivero in France.

For me, this journey goes full circle. The name of this journal was inspired by the woman who invited me to participate in this project. She’s one of the first designers I met in Miami. Her name is Stefani de la O, and is the Creative Director of The Nomadic Collector, a sustainable bag brand made in Costa Rica with precious woods among other materials. She’s my kind of person. Creative, bold, and never takes no for an answer. One of her recurent hashtags on her instagram is #journeyofabag. I know you can notice the similarity with my #journeyofabraid. 🙂

Above all, this is a journey of friendship, and discovery. It involves the two pillars I base my life at this point: promoting women and supporting Latin American designers.

I hope you can join me. I will be sharing our stories through Instagram and Facebook live. Talk to us. Ask your questions. Be a part of it.

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