To whom it might concern/ A quien quiera que esté escuchando

Dear God:

Where are you?

I know we haven’t spoken much lately,

but I miss you.

I see you every day in the eyes of my children, as they dream about what their life is going to be like when they grow up, but then I loose sight of you when I get the smallest peek into what the world is going through.

We call you different names, and try to put into words a logical explanation of who you are, but words are human and will never make you justice.

All these years,

All our technology,

And yet we understand so little about who you are, or why we are even here.


Why are we here?

Our curious and inquisitive minds have led us to create all sort of things to make our lives more comfortable and beautiful while we figure out that big question.

And yet, we ended up forgetting the question, and believing that accumulating things was the objective.

Our comfort is poisoning our home, and our structures keep failing, because we forgot to see beyond what meets our eye.

We forgot to see with our heart and created the wrong narrative of what we see with our eyes.

All the lives that have been lost trying to make things better, but everything collapses before it can fully heal.

Why will it never be enough?

We want more.

We think that money, status and power will lead to happiness.

But it will never be enough. We will always need more.

And the world can’t take it anymore.

Dear God…

I want to believe that this is part of the bigger plan and that we are where we are supposed to be to heal the systems we wrongfully created.

That it’s all part of your master plan to make us realize that all that we can have is this moment, and that we are all weaved together.

Is that it?

Is. That. It. ?

Dear God.

Please don’t give up on us.

A Dios

Dios mío:

¿Dónde estás?

Sé que no hemos hablado mucho últimamente,

pero te extraño.

Te veo todos los días en los ojos de mis hijos, mientras sueñan en cómo será su vida cuando crezcan, pero luego te pierdo de vista cuando veo lo que está pasando el mundo.

Te llamamos con diferentes nombres e intentamos poner en palabras una explicación lógica de quién eres, pero las palabras son humanas y nunca te harán justicia.

Todos estos años,

Toda nuestra tecnología,

Y sin embargo, entendemos muy poco acerca de quién eres o de por qué estamos aquí.


¿Por qué estamos aquí?

Nuestras mentes curiosas nos han llevado a crear todo tipo de cosas para hacer que nuestras vidas sean más cómodas y lindas mientras resolvemos esa gran pregunta.

Y, sin embargo, terminamos olvidando la pregunta y creyendo que acumular cosas era el objetivo.

Nuestra comodidad está envenenando nuestro hogar, y nuestras estructuras siguen fallando, porque olvidamos ver más allá de lo que vemos a simple vista.

Olvidamos ver con nuestro corazón y creamos una narración equivocada de lo que vemos con nuestros ojos.

Todas las vidas que se han perdido tratando de mejorar las cosas, pero todo se derrumba antes de que logre sanar por completo.

¿Por qué nunca nada será suficiente?

Queremos más.

Creemos que el dinero, el estatus y el poder conducirán a la felicidad.

Pero nunca será suficiente.

Siempre necesitaremos más.

Y el mundo no puede soportarlo más.

Dios mío,

Quiero creer que esto es parte del plan maestro y que estamos donde se supone que debemos estar para sanar los sistemas que creamos erróneamente.

Que todo es parte de un proceso para hacernos darnos cuenta de que todo lo que podemos tener es este momento, y que todos estamos entrelazados.

¿Es así?

¿Es eso? ¿Me escuchas?

Querido Dios,

Por favor no te des por vencido.


  1. Need to step up on the white/black topic in the US. Fundamentally wrong, still difficult to understand for me a French born equalitarianism , yet this racism permeates throughout all thé US in everything and every moment. How can we act?

    1. I couldn’t agree more; it’s wrong. It is a scar that hasn’t healed. It’s constantly bleeding. I think we will need to face a common enemy as humanity in order to understand that we are one. Only then, will we see each other as brothers and sisters. Perhaps it will be climate change as it continues to expand its effects on us. We are the only species that self-destroys without a reason. Words are no longer enough, and yet we must keep them coming. The conversation must continue, and we have to help minorities thrive in any way we can. As a generation we’ve failed to build upon values, which are the pillars of a healthy society prioritizing profit. That’s when we got lost. Thank you for your comment, Yannick.

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