What are we so afraid of, anyway?

As I keep refreshing the news tab on what has become my favorite search term –hurricane Irma– I can't help but wonder, what are we so afraid of, anyway? I get it. The list is […]

The Currency Behind Being Human

Media companies, advertising agencies and retail are suffering. Insta-sensations are thriving. We are addicted to our phones. No one really knows how to price, or market themselves any longer. In other words, there’s flux everywhere. […]

We Need Less Influencers, And More Poets

We like; we comment; we follow and unfollow; we tag… or not. We choose our emoticons carefully; we quietly observe certain profiles, yet engage with others. We measure our influence, and idolize the most liked, […]

The New Latin American Equation

I have a pending balance with Latin America. Perhaps that’s unconsciously what the braid is all about. When I left Mexico, I had no idea I was actually leaving. I didn’t tell anyone beside my […]

Let’s Talk About Costa Rica: A Journey of Friendship and Discovery

What does a Colombian actress and model, Victoria Secret’s first Latin American Angel, a celebrity stylist, and I have in common? We are passionate for our roots and have a burning desire to share with […]

Miami Swim Week: An Outsiders View from an Insiders Perspective

I’ve always been an outsider. It’s a state of mind. You see? I like to observe things from a distance even while I’m in the midst of living them. Three years ago, I went to […]

Viva Arte Viva: The Recurrent Themes of La Biennale di Venezia and Why They Matter

To understand how a child feels, you should look at what he draws. To understand how the world feels, you should go to La Biennale di Venezia, an emotional thermostat that translates the way people […]

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On Instagram addiction, and the importance of finding beauty in sadness

I have to confess: I fill almost every short gap in my life with instagram. Elevators, street-lights, lonely lunches… You see? It has become a friend to me. I kept myself far away from it […]

The Missing Memos: Nine Things I Wish I Knew a Bit Earlier

Have you ever felt as if you’ve missed up on important memos regarding, well…  life? Perhaps someone got your address wrong, the media got in the way or something happened to the messenger that was […]

Life as a piñata: a reflection on cultural assimilation

I grew up in Mexico, a city drowned by myths, legends and ghosts, celebrating death with music and bright colors, and believing that the spirits of the departed co-exist among the living with their own […]

How community transforms into culture: Miami Fashion Week 2017

As I experienced the closing show for Miami Fashion Week 2017, with the beautiful designs of Ángel Sánchez,  I realized how much Miami has changed. The reality is, currently all eyes are in this city: The […]

The silent language of objects

Objects: Man made items that own us. They contain emotions, and they have the power to freeze certain moments of life while reminding us of who we were, who we have become, or who we want to […]

Happy thoughts for tough days with a touch of darkness 

You know how there are days when nothing really makes sense, and the simple act of getting out of bed requires an extra effort? Yeah. I had one of those not long ago, and although I […]

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A day in Miami, at the Frost Museum of Science.

The Frost Science Museum and why it matters

I arrived to Miami by chance. In my mind, any place would be ok. I knew the drill: one year and a half of hardship while figuring out my career move, fun people to be […]