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On post-partum depression, and my journey through motherhood.

When I become a mother/ Cuando sea mamá

 When I become a mother, oh the things I will teach my children. I’ll sing to them every song; even those songs that have never been sang. I’ll fill their minds with stories of magic […]

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Braid your sadness away.

Braid your sadness away/ Trenza tus tristezas

When you feel sad, braid your hair. As you do, the pain gets trapped between its strands, preventing it from reaching your body. Then, wait for the wind to blow hard and run. It will […]

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Behind the label: Reformation

I grew up thinking that building a business was a very complicated ‘art’ where few could succeed. You needed to study for years and years, know all the right people, spend tons of money, and […]

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Behind the label: Pitusa

  Since my early days at Glamour, I had the opportunity to visit the showrooms of hundreds of designers, and take a peek behind the scenes to understand their processes. I began my solo journey […]

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The journey/ La Jornada

We are surrounded by stories. Social networks, the news, blogs, television, our family, neighbors, friends, even the lady we say hello to every morning as we arrive to the office shares a bit of her story with us. […]