Black Canvas : once upon a braid


Where there is light, there is darkness. Black Canvas is all about acknowledging and making friends with our shadows and darkness, because it’s only it that we can distinguish the light within ourselves.

Canvas is a multifaceted piece that allows those who wear it to paint their own reality and carry a visual reminder of the invisible thread that braids us together, making it visible. You can braid it into your hair or use it as a crown or a turban. It’s inspired by the Tehuana braid from my native Mexico, with a touch of modernity and thickness that allows even those with thin or shoulder length hair to use it for braiding. The packaging consists of a beautiful hand-made and sustainable basket from Oaxaca. Free shipping in the USA. Made in Mexico


It can be used as a braid, turban, and more.

Tutorial on how to do the braid


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