Head pieces are extremely powerful; when you enter a room wearing one, they become a way to identify you, and can even turn into the focus of unexpected conversation. Suzy Buckley, who has an extensive background in fashion, created Shapoh in 2014, as a solution the lack of beautiful fascinators in the United States bringing a glamourous touch to the market. Her selection is quite unique, and very often ends up featured at Vogue US coverage of hat luncheons across the country.

In the following interview recorded as part of a journalistic project I did with Go Daddy showcasing local entrepreneurs in Miami, she shares her story.


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Entrepreneurship takes courage. A lot of it. I got to work on a project with GoDaddy where we focused on  entrepreneurs and small business owners in Miami . During the interview we were able to highlight their entrepreneurial journey and how they made their own way pursuing something they love. I wanted to take that a step further and showcase more about these beautiful people in Miami and what they bring to the community.

Let’s start with one of my favorites: Danny Santiago.

Danny Santiago has been a part of the global fashion industry for over 3 decades, and is one of today’s most sought after wardrobe stylists. In this interview, made as part of a journalistic project with Go Daddy, he explains to us his journey, from simply enjoying playing with clothes to becoming an extremely sought after stylist with clientele ranging from talents like Sarah Jessica Parker, Dwayne Johnson, Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Lenny Kravitz, Ricky Martin, Penelope Cruz Madonna, Mary J. Blige, Janet Jackson, and Prince. And this is how his journey began…

I contain so many versions of myself… You’d be surprised. The version that the outside world gets of me depends on a mix of external triggers –the right energy, the right attitude, the car that let me, or din’t let me pass on the highway, the mood in which my children are, the moon, if I’m hungry — mixed with my internal status.

It’s probably the same for everyone, but I can only recall living inside this one body, so I’ll do the speaking based on that.

Fashion has the power of transformation, which is the reason why we are all so enchanted by it. I love staring at people when they stare at beautiful window-displays. They fall in love with the vision of all the things they could be if only…

I’ve been wearing the braid for almost three years now, and it has been a revelation to realize the two different sides of me, being set apart by a simple hair-do. Creating an alter-ego was never an intention, yet looking back, I realize the braid has become my shield.

Danie, the girl with the long hair, is a woman who has been challenged way too many times to reinvent herself. She carries her culture in between those strands of long hair, often as a burden for the rules she should be following and the person she was supposed to become. She’s vulnerable as can be, and doesn’t allow many people into her life. She’s a mother, conflicted by how to raise those two boys the best possible way, without losing herself in the middle.

Floridian Frida, is very different: she’s ready to take over the world at every opportunity; she’s self-assured, passionate and fearless. She carries her braid proudly as a representation of the best of her culture and her traditions. She has so many friends and can be at five different places at the same time. She does what she can as a mother, and doesn’t doubt herself for one second.

We all have multiple alter-egos, triggered by different external situations, yet the moment that you approach this other self consciously, you can become the vision that you have in your mind of the best version of yourself.

Craft it properly.

Add a couple of characteristics that remind you of the role you are playing, and never forget that life is just a dream, and you have a say on the script that’s being written everyday.

Obviously, I am both persons, and so are you, regardless of your journey. But I’m grateful I found a way to switch between the two of them.

Pictures by Celia D. Luna

You know how there are days when nothing really makes sense, and the simple act of getting out of bed requires an extra effort?


I had one of those not long ago, and although I searched for the people that usually recharge me, it just didn’t help. Sometimes it’s so hard to turn emotions into words…

Now, that I have the perspective of distant emotions, I’ve created a list of some of the concepts that resonated with me, making me feel better. I believe they will resonate with you as well.

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  1. Forever is not an option. That’s the main premise of your existence. Things and emotions don’t last. Everything has an expiration date. Beauty, happiness, sadness, even love. It all transforms with the passage of time. Nothing is static. Enjoy your emotions while they last. Being able to feel intensely is a blessing, and not everyone can.  Yes. It often hurts, but you can choose to transform the pain and fear into creative output, instead of turning to your Nutella and crying yourself out. That’s what true alchemy is all about.
  2. Nothing is happening right now.  Look around you. There you are, staring at the screen. 😳 Nothing is really happening. If you are anxious it’s because you are letting either the past or the future bug you. Right now, you are ok. Just breathe.
  1. Some things just are. Don’t build a story around what happened. Don’t try to solve them, or change them. Let them be. Things happen without a specific reason, and not because you are a good/bad/average person. Pain happens. Now, let go.
  2. Believe in angels. More than once I’ve had this feeling of absolute love and complicity for certain people who, by chance, enter into my life without any warning. They suddenly become my center, but after a while they leave unexpectedly. I believe in angels. Yes. Some of the people in your life, are just messengers.  No matter how much you love them, or how hard you want them to stay, once they’ve delivered their message and male you realize unexpected things about who you are, you need to let them go. And it’s ok.
  3. We are all dying. This morning I observed all the mothers at my 3 year old’s preschool while we were having a Mother’s Day breakfast.  It was such a beautiful scene. Mothers hugging their babies with all the love in their heart. I kept thinking how bizarre it was that all of us knew that conceiving a baby, and creating life,  meant that these beautiful beings would be here for just some years, and that was reason enough to change everything in our lives. In other words, whatever experience you went through was worth it. You’ll understand one day why you had to live it. Be grateful for it.

With love,