Mirror Conversations //Chapter I: Unbraided

‘Mirror conversations’ are a series of videos where I explore the intimate relationship we have to mirrors. I hold a complicated relationship with the girl that lives there. I can’t hide anything from her staring eyes.

on the memory of clothes and photographs as premonitions hanging on a banyan tree

On the memory of clothes, and photographs as premonitions

I believe clothes carry memories embedded in the fabric, and photographs can carry premonitions. Lately, when I do serious photo-shoots, they become more of a performance than just pictures, and … Continue reading On the memory of clothes, and photographs as premonitions

On why you shouldn’t be intimidated by fashion

Don’t wait to have permission from a title to allow yourself to be who you are, and most importantly, don’t be intimidated by fashion.

danie gomez ortigoza journey of a braid faena art basel miami fashion phillip smith no pise la grama

The Art of Being: Journey through Miami Art Week

Journey through Art Basel

danie gomez ortigoza journey of a braid bass museum art basel miami fashion ugo rondinone

Anatomy of a Pose

Posing. It’s not a matter of vanity. It’s not a matter of beauty. It has nothing to do with being superficial. It’s simply that photography has become our canvas. We … Continue reading Anatomy of a Pose

Day of the Death: Celebrate Life

Being alive is a fatal condition. The moment we are born, we basically begin to die. I’ve always been intrigued by Death. Every year I honor her, and the effect she has in my experience of life by celebrating ‘Day of the Death’ with my family.