The Surrealism of Belonging/ El Surrealismo de Pertenecer

There is something very special about having surreal real friends; they have the capacity to pull you into their surreal worlds. Meet Nina Surel, a Miami-based Argentinian artist who owns a gallery known as the collective 62. She introduced me to ‘Women Who run with the Wolves,’ and if you know that book and you’ve […]

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Once upon a piñata/ Había una vez una piñata

Oh piñatas, Lovely and colorful objects of desire that make children and adults so very happy. Carton, paper, glitter and metallic hues. Cathartical works of art that allow us, since early childhood, to work towards a common objective. Joy, friendship and laughter, that eventually give way to our darkest thoughts: violence, followed by ambition and […]

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Anatomy of a Pose

Posing. It’s not a matter of vanity. It’s not a matter of beauty. It has nothing to do with being superficial. It’s simply that photography has become our canvas. We discover ourselves through the pictures we post. My canvas. I portray the subject I know best –which is obviously myself — allowing the lense to […]

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