The Invisible Thread: Canvas by Onda de Mar

The thing about mirrors is how they trick us into believing we are something that we are not: adjectives; adverbs; al those voices come to mind.

I’m not at all what you see; I’m (like you) just a soul trapped inside a body going through the human experience. And yet, the story this mirror tells, not only to myself, but to the world, has an impact. What if I could craft that message? That narrative? The story that I tell myself about who I am? 

So that’s exactly what Canvas is about. The opportunity to paint the version of yourself that you always wanted. And hair is powerful. And braids are powerful. And intentions are powerful. 

Canvas is an invisible thread that unites us all. 

danie gomez ortigoza journey of a braid the invisible thread

I am a woman. 

I see you. Running errands. Rushing around all day, smiling to your children even at times when I know you are crying inside. I see you helping other women succeed. I notice everytime you mention my name to help me succeed. I feael the happiness in your voice  And your simple presence has changed something in me. You might not even know it. 

Even if im not always there. 

I see you.

This day. Its not about me. It’s never been about me. 

 It’s about us. 

And the invisible thread that  braids us together. 


It’s about the women before you. Your lineage

Because regardless of nationality, we are united as a species.

We often forget. 

I know you struggle. I know what I see is only the surface. 

Her success is my success because her struggle is my struggle. And that’s the choice I made since I first made the first knot of what would become my feminist manifesto. 

So now it’s yours. It’s a shield. It’s a crown. It’s a turban. But more than anything else, it’s an opportunity of becoming. 


Accessory made out of left-over fabrics as a zero-waste initiative. Made in Colombia. Available at

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