The Noble Art of Letting Go and my dream super-power

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If I could choose a super-power, it would be being able to let go. I used to think that mind-reading was a better option, but what good would it bring me if I’m not able to let go of all the information I get? It’s actually counter-productive.

I am in the process of decluttering my life. I always do so at this time of year. The hardest is always my children’s room. As I donate all those toys and clothes that no longer suit them because of how much they’ve grown, I realize how much I need to learn to let go;
I want life to move at a slower pace and give me time to choose wiser, to plan better, or at least enjoy a bit more.

But it doesn’t; it won’t. There’s nothing more certain than change.

I try to keep those toys that gave content to so many days of their babyhood in the hope that the memories won’t fade. I want to cryztallize those moments, and recapture the momentarily happiness of those ordinary days. Yet, if hurricane Irma and the Earthquake taught me something this year, is that objects are bound to disappear. They are not worth so much attention.


But then, there’s also people, and feelings; so many feelings you slightly remember, yet would give so much in order to feel again. Like wonder, safety, innocence and surprise…
also, certain kinds of love.

I feel there’s a huge resemblance between living, and playing Mario Bros: as the game of life progresses, different elements are being added to increase the difficulty we face, but every ‘world’ we battle the same monsters, until you are able to truly move on from the core.
My Kooper for this life will be dominating the art of letting go…

Today, five huge bags of things went off to be donated to different places. Still working on processing all the rest, one day at a time.


Photos by Celia D Luna, wearing Narces. Thank you for your support in helping me create the content I love. The title of this post was borrowed by Rebekka Karijord; one of my favorite songs by a Nordic singer that I met in Sweden, and has truly inspired my journey.


  1. Interesting – the “hoarder gene” is strong in me – a relic of my Midwestern ancestors, I can still hear their voices – “you might need that someday!” I’m working on decluttering too – it is something that brings a thrill when accomplished.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello, Bil — Yes, and it’s stuff that can always benefit someone else. We need to learn to let go. Specially this economy makes it really easy to accumulate stuff 🙄 Thank you for your comment.

  2. You made me cry..I can relate as a get rid of outgrown toys is very hard. My boys are now teenagers and still sleep with their teddies… I have gotten rid of old toys through the years, but the special ones remain. Toy Story didn’t help ☺️…toys speak and have feelings. Moms just want their kids to stay kids…but nothing lasts, we have to learn to let go. Thank you for sharing xo

  3. Again! Thank you! SO timely and heartfelt. I just moved (on Christmas Day actually) and the purging I’ve done brings back so many ‘things’. But it does feel good to let it go. Thank you!!!

    1. Listen to the song that inspired the title… you are going to love it. It’s called ‘The Noble Art of letting go’ by Rebekka Karijord. ❤️🙏🏻✨

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