The stories we tell ourselves

I fight the biggest battles in my bed at night.

There’s something about silence that welcomes past and future into my sheets.


I can rarely live in the present, unless I’m meditating, and even then, my mind is always remembering the past, or projecting some sort of future.

Maybe we have no present, because it takes too long for our brains to process the instant.


Maybe we have no past, because ‘past’ is just a story we tell ourselves.

That leaves us only with the future.

But the future isn’t real either, or is it? We are always an instant away from missing our right to experience it. One decision.

We are so defenseless.

So when those two monsters creep into your bed at night, just remember that all we have left is to live life as if everything was a beautiful problem, because discomfort is the price of admission to a life worth living, and we understand a lot less about life than what we credit ourselves for.

Pictures by Celia D. Luna shot at the Mandarin Oriental Miami. Coat made of Upcycle faux fur, mix matched colors, and lined with a Felder Felder designed print inspired by zebra long wing butterflies.

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