We Need Less Influencers, And More Poets

We like; we comment; we follow and unfollow; we tag… or not. We choose our emoticons carefully; we quietly observe certain profiles, yet engage with others. We measure our influence, and idolize the most liked, or choose smaller voices that mean more to us.

In the end, what we are all really doing, is searching for ourselves through the lives of others. It’s a dream factory — and it’s beautiful.


That’s the main reason why most of us left Facebook and Twitter on the side, and moved to the insta-galaxy where filters are always there to correct the imperfection of reality.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a happy citizen of this place, but it’s getting a bit too crowded. We need less fashion bloggers, and more poets.

Let’s be realistic. Fashion is an easy entry point, and we are oh, so vulnerable to compliments, and likes especially as it becomes more and more relevant to grow a following. No weapon or hurtful word is more powerful than feeling liked and accepted.

But perhaps it’s time to peel our layers off so everyone can walk around in their gorgeousness. Show me your scars, and I’ll show you mine.

And poetry is not a written language: there is more poetry in the things people don’t say. There is so much more under the surface of things. Pay attention to the visual language. Real influencers are not just made up of pretty clothes and a good photographer.

That picture above: me and my friend having fun, right? What if I were to tell you that she is Daniela Von Wobeser, one of my best friends since I was 16. She’s is battling Anorexia and Bulimia openly through her social networks after being Fashion Editor at Glamour México and Latin America for many years, and Senior Editor of Marie Claire for the same region.

She’s the reason why I started working at Glamour, and our journeys collided, here in Miami, at a time when we are both rebuilding ourselves.

It’s not just another picture.

It never is.

It’s my journey.

Let the world see yours. The real one.



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