La importancia de vivir una vida espiritual.

Por Danié Gómez-Ortigoza

16 de marzo de 2020

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Gold Canvas is a visual reminder of the importance of living a spiritual life, finding purpose and surrendering to the experience of life with the understanding of the existence of something bigger guiding us.

Journey of a Braid
Journey of a Braid Gold Canvas
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Canvas is a multifaceted piece that allows those who wear it to paint their own reality and carry a visual reminder of the invisible thread that braids us together, making it visible. You can braid it into your hair or use it as a crown or a turban. It’s inspired by the Tehuana braid from my native Mexico, with a touch of modernity and thickness that allows even those with thin or shoulder-length hair to use it for braiding.

El empaque consiste en una hermosa canasta artesanal y sustentable de Oaxaca. Envío gratis en USA. Hecho en Mexico.