We are surrounded by stories. The news, social networks, blogs, television,  our family, neighbors, friends, even the lady we say hello to every morning as we arrive to the office. We like stories. They are kind of addictive.

It’s only through them that we understand ourselves, judge our behaviors, and comprehend our feelings. Journey of a braid is my story — my evolving perspective of life as processed through my mind and by my relation to the stories of some of the people I come across.

To understand me better you should know a couple of things:

I’m a bit of a nomad. In the last 10 years, I’ve lived in five different countries leaving a small piece of myself in each of them, (yep, closure is not my thing). I’m deeply proud of my Mexican origins. I’m married a Frenchie, with whom I have two children.  I am a marketer by craft, and discovered my passion for writing after being a correspondent for Glamour Mexico and Latin America for two years.  I call Miami home, and I hope it will be the case for many years ahead.

I love fashion, and I find it enchanting as a channel to translate who the person inside the clothes is. I am a feminist, and believe deeply in the power of women united. I like to be raw, and I expect the same from the people around me. Inconsequential conversation is not really my thing.

The braid? That’s a femenist manifesto and my trademark.

And this is where the journey begins…