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The Braid

The braid I carry is a visual manifesto of what I believe society must do in order to be able to move forward; we must braid ourselves together and repair the social fabric that has been teared apart.

Danie at The Bass Museum
Danie at The Bass Museum
Danié at Vizcaya
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Braiding is an ancient ritualistic practice that integrates past, present and future; mind, body and spirit.
It’s a visual reminder of the power of the collective above from the power of the individual.

I have been braiding my hair since I was a little girl, when it was an element of power that made me feel safe. Ever since I’ve been exploring the power of hair and the power of intention.

My practice evolved after braiding a very special group of women and feeling for the first time the energetic connection we have as a femenine power.

The braids I wear, which have many different versions, are always associated with a different chakra.

The crown braid has a final knot that carries a daily intention to help a woman succeed in some way.

The infinity braid, which looks like an 8, is all about connecting to the heart chakra.

Through braiding, I trace the invisible thread that braids us and everything that happens, together.

I’ve also realized how important it is to make this common thread visible in times of social transformation, which is why I started braiding women together and helping them connect to their ancestry through Braided Circles.

I’ve been doing different braiding performances at the Mexican Consulate, the Coral Gables Museum, Sweet Pass Sculpture Park Dallas, The Box Gallery in West Palm Beach, Mexican Cultural Institute in Miami among others.

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