A braiding ceremony: Fragmento dos

Braiding is a portal into the heart. It’s a ritual as old as humanity and has always been an energetic exchange of the outmost importance that transcends time, nationality and religion. For me, in Canvas, the headpiece I wear, which is inspired by the Tehuana tradition from Oaxaca, I have found a visual symbol of […]

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A Premonition: Fragmento uno

Ideas and insights into the future are up in the air. If you listen, sometimes you are able to grab them. But more often than not, the noise around you doesn’t allow you to listen. Yet when you do, you gear towards your purpose, as abstract as it might seem. It’s easy to think and to […]

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On braiding

Braided Conversations con Andy Faerman: El equilibrio entre profesión y familia

This conversation is only in Spanish. I’m still trying to figure out a way to bridge languages when it comes to videos, but I have some content only in English coming out soon. Stay tuned! Sabes? Yo pensaba que con seguir la receta biológica para una vida feliz, era suficiente, pero ya que terminé de […]

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Braided Conversations: Kalinda Kano

(This post is only in Spanish) Creo mucho  en el poder de las historias y en el poder de las trenzas. Ésta serie lleva mucho tiempo planeada, pero entre una cosa y otra, me he tardado en darle vida. Aquí va. Gracias Kalinda, por recordarme, aún siendo perfeccionista, que lo importante no es la perfección, […]

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The Invisible Thread: Canvas by Onda de Mar

The thing about mirrors is how they trick us into believing we are something that we are not: adjectives; adverbs; al those voices come to mind. I’m not at all what you see; I’m (like you) just a soul trapped inside a body going through the human experience. And yet, the story this mirror tells, […]

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On transitions and creating a statement

There are two kinds of transitions: some simply ‘happen’, (for example you meet someone who eventually becomes a turning point in your life), and others are marked on a calendar, like births and weddings.   This  is a moment of transition for me on every level. After 33 years and an awful lot of experimentation, […]

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El poder de una trenza: mini documental de Yahoo Mexico

Toda historia interesante empieza en lugares obscuros. Aquí un fragmento de mi historia y el mensaje que hay atrás de la evolución que di a la trenza Tehuana que siempre he admirado. Estoy muy agradecida a Yahoo Mexico y a Bossy Productions por la realización de éste proyecto. I believe every interesting story begins somewhere […]

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Trenzas poderosas

On Fear of Success

Ideas. Projects. Dreams. We all have them, but we seldom pursue them to their fullest extent. Blame it on time. Blame it on money. Blame it on someone else. The real blame will only be on you. Perhaps you are afraid of success, like I was. This is my story.

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Picture by Omar Charcousse

Black Canvas: Once upon a Braid

You can only understand your journey from the perspective of your future self. When you’re living in the present there’s way too much noise.

I don’t remember where this journey began; all I know is I found myself one day trapped inside this body, trying to make sense of the world around me.

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