Journey of a Braid Logotype

A Premonition: Fragmento uno.

By Danié Gómez-Ortigoza

August 15, 2020

Ideas and insights into the future are up in the air. If you listen, sometimes you are able to grab them. But more often than not, the noise around you doesn’t allow you to listen. Yet when you do, you gear towards your purpose, as abstract as it might seem.

It’s easy to think and to rationalize the things that are happening; there is a universal structure built around it. We are taught how to do it at home and in school. We read about it everywhere.

But when it comes to feeling, it’s not universal.

We are alone. It can’t be explained. It can’t be taught. From feeling comes intuition as the act of grabbing those ideas and insights on who we are and where we are heading.

More than two years ago, Tara Benmeleh (aka Mama T), and I started having constant exchanges on the meaning of braiding, and the importance of rituals in a time of social transformation. She is a healer, a spiritual jeweler, and is devoted to serving tea ceremonially.

During this time, I took part in an incredible performance by Nina Surel using clay as a medium for connection, that made me yearn to bring to life my Braiding Manifesto.

Our objective was to put together a group of women to represent the invisible thread that braids us together, making it visible. We set dates that didn’t work, until one final date, set two months in advance, apparently without much thought, became a premonition. It was the last day where we thought COVID wasn’t real enough to worry.

School was still on, and life seemed normal. Then, everything changed (to be continued)

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