We can only understand our inner-world once we are able to materialize it in the outside world. I’ve been painting my office pink and yellow.

It’s so bright in here.

It’s my universe, where color makes sense, where I take refugee from whatever is happening outside, and where possibilities are endless.

Once I started painting, I couldn’t put down the brush. Everyday I go back to the bucket and add a touch of color to the most unexpected objects.

I was told never to paint; never to get messy; always ask someone to do those things for you.

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And yet being full of stains in my hair, my skin and my nails, has become my pride; they are proof of my work.

I’m in control.

I’m inspired by the inner world of people: their perception of the world, and how they find a way to translate it into the material world, outside of their mind. Artists, icons, and some brands, are able to build their universes so well, that as you cross the door of their studios, share a stare, or enter a store, you are able to be transported into their world.

And we all need to inhabit different worlds to understand our own.

We are all starving for the sacred.

journey of a braid Alice and Olivia a room of one’s own miami bloggers miami influencers stacey bendett miami design district

Look: Alice and Olivia/ Photography: Celia D. Luna

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