It’s not a matter of vanity.

It’s not a matter of beauty.

It has nothing to do with being superficial.

It’s simply that photography has become our canvas. We discover ourselves through the pictures we post.

My canvas.

I portray the subject I know best –which is obviously myself — allowing the lense to grab what’s inside: the camera takes off my shield and I find myself ‘naked’, never allowing a socially sought after smile to dress me, and be protagonist over what’s really happening inside.


They make us all feel comfortable and welcome, yet real ‘happy’ has so many dimensions and tones that rarely fit into one smile. They rarely do for me.

The anatomy of a good pose is a mix between history, feelings,  and how much you want to reveal about yourself in that specific moment: smiles get in the way, unless they are a true revelation of where you stand.

Show where you are.

Pictures by: Celia D Luna

Thank you to the newly inaugurated Bass Museum in Miami, for allowing us to photograph the work of Ugo Rondinone, and to Style Rac and Mademoiselle Epaulette for the dress.

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