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Dream-catcher for the world.

By Danié Gómez-Ortigoza

July 7, 2020

It only seems to be getting worse these days. Is this the way it goes? Does it always need to get worse before it gets better? I don’t want to know how much lower we can fall as humanity. I want to think we’ve learned from the mistakes of the past when it comes to war, corruption and racism. I want to think we are better than the past generations. I want others to see the loops in time that we go through: the cycles that keep repeating themselves. I’ve seen it with my family, and yet it’s quite prevailing in the macro-cosmos as well. As we engage in these never ending turns where we repeat the past, we need to change lanes: to jump, and shift our destiny.

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What hurts me the most through this crisis is the lack of humanity that we see everyday. Death tolls have become empty numbers without meaning. Just numbers. We pull our loved ones as close as we can in the distance with little hope of re-uniting. Fading memories of the carelessness nature of the world from before.

So perhaps, what we need is a dream-catcher for the world.

The ritual of dream-catchers comes from the Ojibwe tribe, that used to be located in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Ontario. For them creating a dream-catcher was meant to be an act of intention and protection. A real dream-catcher is made out of natural materials, such as wood and feathers, and represents ‘Spider Woman’, a spiritual protector of their tribe that grew in relevance as members of Ojibwes moved farther away from their families. The center resembles a spider-web that is put together through knots. That’s what ‘catches’ dreams when it’s placed on-top of a bed. Nightmares get stuck, and only the good dreams slide through the feathers, and into the mind.

The significance of dreams in Native tribes has always been of great importance for decision-taking. Dreams are extremely meaningful, not only for the individual, but also for the tribe, which is one of the lessons that I believe we must recoup to connect deeper to the source.

So let’s build a dream-catcher for the world, one that allows us to dream again, and takes all the nightmares, the pain and death away.

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