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Life in times of Coronavirus.

By Danié Gómez-Ortigoza

August 17, 2020

Here we are, going through the same crisis almost at the same time: some countries are still living in the past, while others live in the future and we try to make sense of our present.

I remember thinking for the longest time that if we had one common enemy, perhaps we would join forces.

And then environmental catastrophes came, and we all kept thinking only about our own borders.

Now it’s borderless. It has hurt the economy, so everyone is finally paying attention. We all feel it.

Could Mother Nature be this wise? Will the effect last? Will our mindset change?

We are being forced to think of the impact of our actions even if governments don’t take the right decisions. We are self-governing ourselves because in a world of fake news we can only trust our instincts and use the window into the past that has been given to us thanks to Asia and Europe to know better than our government.

I do think there’s hope. I do think we are headed to a new world order given the economical impact that we are facing.

Time stands still.

Nothing is said.

The door softly closes.

And the only eyes we have to look into are our own,

reflected in the mirror.

Only in silence we can consider the image before us.

Time to realize how much others matter.

I remember going through hurricane Irma and seeing another side of humanity thinking, couldn’t we be doing things differently?

And yet the world seemed not to care, and I put my hope away.

Then it happened again when I was at at a horrible earthquake in Mexico, but as life continued to be the same everywhere else I felt forced to believe it was nothing and just put away once again, both hope and pain, because you have to continue at the same pace in this rat race towards I don’t know what that we are always trying to be the best at.

But now we are all in this together, and lives are being lost without the possibility of being celebrated because there’s not even space to

bury the death. And hugs come with a high price to pay.

And yet, we are in this together, and will do everything in our power to find the light.

Because that’s what humans do. We always search for the light.

And we will find it.

Better. Stronger.

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