Journey of a Braid Logotype

Made in Miami: A conversation with Clara Lago from Pitusa

By Danié Gómez-Ortigoza

August 30, 2018

Right out of university, Clara Pablo thought that the best way of finding a job, was creating one. She knew what she wanted, and went for it. Pitusa is one of the most beloved brands in Miami, because of its flow textiles, and comfortable designs  that fit all women, regardless of shape or size, and is made mostly in Peru by women from regional parts of the country.

Her journey hasn’t been easy, but she has always been able to overcome her struggles and persevere for her dream.  Today, Pitusa is sold in over 65 countries, and is present in all major retailers.
This interview was part of a project I did with GoDaddy, where we interviewed local entrepreneurs who are thriving in Miami, to showcase their journey.

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