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Mirror Conversations //Chapter I: Unbraided

By Danié Gómez-Ortigoza

June 24, 2018

IGTV just launched, and I’m taking this opportunity to create a new project which is about the silent conversations that we have everyday with the mirror. This first chapter is an introduction on the relationship I have with my reflection.

So first things first: this is where my day usually begins, having silent conversations with my mirror. I wasn’t planning on getting this personal just yet but I just finished this book that taught me that you always have to start where you are at your vulnerable, and for me that’s the mirror.

I hold a complicated relationship with the girl that lives there. I can’t hide anything from her staring eyes. She knows exactly who I am, and that’s quite intimidating sometimes a month from now I will turn 33…

Such a big number! I remember all those conversations I had with my sister at night, when we were supposed to be sleeping, and we talked about what we would be doing throughout the years. When you are six even 15 seems like such a big number. Yet all of a sudden, somewhere in time someone pushes the fast-forward button and you realize you will soon turn 33 and fora strange reason you feel it’s important to share your story with others, perhaps because you wish someone would have been there to show you their own story to guide your way.

Beauty is complicated for me. I was taught from a very young age, that being beautiful made to you shallow; it was the wrong adjective.
It has taken a lifetime to make peace with it, and realize it can also be something positive.

I contain many versions of myself. There is a very marked difference between the person I am when I’m braided, and the person I am when I’m not. I will get into the braided woman soon, but this is where the real journey begins.

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