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Mirror Conversations //Chapter III: A great big world

By Danié Gómez-Ortigoza

June 29, 2018

Traveling is also a mirror. You don’t need to even see your reflection to feel its full effect. The distance to the place you come from, the changing routine, the changing landscape…

This is where my day finishes. My shield goes down, my red lipstick goes off. There is full silence, after an incredibly noisy day. It’s here where i realize how much I have changed. The first time I came to Paris I was so lost. My English mixed with my broken French wasn’t enough to get by. I preferred to stare at a map for hours than ask for help. I couldn’t take rejection. I wanted to feel liked… Self doubt is such a cruel adversary. It might be cultural, or it might be age, but now having spent every summer for the past 10 years here, and speaking the language, I realize that inner strength I developed to get by on my own, and to become who I wanted to be.

Although still a work in progress, it’s so important to get to that point when you start being vocal about your priorities, the things You want, the ones You don’t , and your limits towards others. That’s where real change begins. Where you break free from expectations.. that’s what brought out the best side of me. I feel so safe and strong in my skin this time. The only person I need to feel liked by is staring at me right now. We live in a society that profits immensely from self-doubt. When you are able to break that cycle, you break free.
And yet, the thing about changing… is that you can never be the same.
Full mirror conversation below.

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