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Gold Canvas: A Spiritual Connection


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Gold Canvas is a visual reminder of the importance of living a spiritual life, finding purpose, and surrendering to the experience of life with the understanding of the existence of something bigger guiding us. Your hair is an extension of your soul. Canvas is inspired by the braiding tradition from el Itsmo de Tehuantepec from my native México, and the braiding traditions that have created a sense of community since the beginning of civilization.

As you braid canvas into your hair, call upon the elements of strength that you need for the day ahead. Seal your braids with a daily intention that leads to a greater transformation. This piece is a call for unification, and a reminder of the invisible thread that braid our lives together in synchronicity and commonality. Each kit contains 6 pre cut and with the ends sealed that are the ideal width and length for braiding. 

Canvas is a multifaceted piece that allows those who wear it to paint their own reality and carry a visual reminder of the invisible thread that braids us together, making it visible. You can braid it into your hair or use it as a crown or a turban. The packaging consists of a beautiful hand-made and sustainable basket from Oaxaca. Free shipping in the USA. Made in Mexico.

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