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Morning Pages: Cuaderno de Anotar el Alma


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This journal is an element of power. It’s a space of solitude for you to get lost in your thoughts. It’s also a map for you to find yourself again in your words; a testament of your narrative.

Every blank page is a reminder that every day is a white canvas; a brand new beginning where past, present and future braid themselves together into this unique moment where you get to decide what happens next.

Write three pages a day to keep your shadows at bay.

Use it wisely.

Con amor,


Product Description:

The Journey of a Braid A5 notebook encompasses all aspects of the classic, traditional notebook with the added touch of sophistication and luxury through design detail.

– Gold Gilded Page Edges

– Three Strand Ribbon Bookmark

– Gold Logo 

– 200 white pages

– Faux velvet 


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