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Requiem for the lines we crossed

By Danié Gómez-Ortigoza

November 5, 2020

Once upon a time there was a line, one of those that should not be crossed.

Straight and confident. Vertical. Parallel to humanity. Dividing the good from the bad.

On one side, threats against curiosity.
Warnings not to cross it.

On the other,
Nobody really knows what there is.

When in doubt, most prefer to look away into the distance, from the comfort of what’s known. But, one fine day, a bold one crosses it, initially at a slow pace, but without looking back. Insolence rooted in innocence, perhaps. A thousand pairs of eyes are watching. But no consequences arise to the deserter of morality, for the warning imposed.
There are no consequences.

A few more follow him across.
They cross blindly
It becomes a new awakening.
The wrong kind.

everyone forgets
of that line previously imposed with rigor.
It erases after the transgression of so many.
It fully erases.


Even those who have not crossed it, think it is no longer there. You cannot go back to the past, they say.

A lines that was crossed, can never be un-crossed, regardless of regret, things change so much.

Lines, all those lines, that used to divide the good from bad. We shouldn’t have crossed them, and yet, this is where we stand.

The reality is that right now, it’s up to us to decide, and build a new moral-ground.

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