TALENT: Useless magic inside

I’ve always believed we all have this one thing that we bring to the world that we understand differently to everyone else, but have you ever felt that you can’t find a way to channel this talent?

I wrote this reflection a couple of days ago. Today I don’t feel this way, but I know feelings: they never really leave. They sometimes transform into something else, or you get distracted, but they belong to the our inner-child, and that child will always be there. Right now I’m figuring out alchemy. That might be the answer.

(to be continued…)


You are so talented

You must use your talent

She’s so talented 

But what do you do with talent?

Sometimes I wonder 

if people just say it to fill the gap

Make you feel good about yourself

But what if they actually mean it? What do you do with talent?

I wish I could put it inside a box

Wrap it in tissue paper 

And a bow on top

Give it to someone who actually knows how to use it. 

Because how good is talent without a how to guide?

It becomes a burden

Useless magic inside.



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