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The Anatomy of Passion

By Danié Gómez-Ortigoza

January 23, 2019

When the body functions spontaneously, that is called instinct. When the soul functions spontaneously, that is called intuition.” –Shree Rajneesh

When we are born, we carry the knowledge of divinity within. If you don’t believe me, stare at a newborn straight in the eye, and you’ll understand what I mean.
They know.
You knew.
We forgot.
To ignite the passion that will bring us back to the reason we are in this world, we just need a trigger. It happens at different times for everyone: sometimes it’s a failed romance; sometimes it’s loosing a loved one; it can also happen when changing career paths.
The narrative of my journey has been triggered by the impotency associated with moving from one country to another, and rebuilding my life every time. First it was Madrid; that move was an escape. Then came New York, triggered by love. Toronto was a move ignited by hope of having found my partner. Stockholm is where I learned how to build a family.
Miami has been the city where I’ve reconnected with myself.
The fury came. Ever since I arrived, I became disciplined. I started putting together projects at a fast and furious pace. I’ve been driven by the insecurity of not being seen as myself, or who I wanted to be. You see, when you are married to an expat, the alternative is becoming a shadow of the person whose journey you are following, and being defined simply as a wife or as a mother, loosing your sense of self.
And that was not an option.
So I put all my discipline into building myself, discovering who I am at every turn.
If you are still waiting for your trigger, don’t feel intimidated by passion; follow your curiosity. Everything starts with a thought. Believe in your intuition. It will guide you as you decipher what you are supposed to bring into this world. Allow yourself to be frightened, or know you will always wake up in the same place.
It’s ok to follow the biological recipe for a good life, but if you have a burning desire to go beyond that, don’t miss the chance to do so.
Open your eyes, and see what you can with them before they close forever.
Become who you are.

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