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The Frost Science Museum and why it matters.

By Danié Gómez-Ortigoza

April 20, 2018

I arrived to Miami by chance. In my mind, any place would be ok. I knew the drill: one year and a half of hardship while figuring out my career move, fun people to be with, doctors, hairdressers… then one year and a half of actually enjoying the city, and then off to a new adventure.

That’s usually the way it works when you are an expat. I had already moved to New York, Toronto, Stockholm… in my mind Miami was another city on my list.

Yet I couldn’t be more mistaken. This city is a melting pot of Latin American ambition and power mixed with a fantastic American community. This mix has resulted in a booming cultural city that I never want to leave.

The Philip Frost Museum of Science just opened. It’s such an amazing architectural jewel. When I arrived to the city, it was basically a whole in the ground right next to the Perez Art Museum. Three hundred and five million dollars later, its the most spectacular Science Museum I’ve ever visited. As I strolled through its halls last week, I realized how much has happened in this city in the past three years. The view from the rooftop revealed many of those changes.

Beyond its state of the art architecture, this museum is also a reminder of the power of nature. Climate change is real, even though some people still think it’s only a myth. Educating people on biodiversity and the ecosystems that are being destroyed is one of the main objectives of this institution. Sea level rise is one of the biggest threats in Florida, and it can’t be disregarded.

Cities like Miami are not supposed to be seen, they are meant to be lived. I couldn’t be happier to have the privilege of experiencing the evolution of this place.

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