Journey of a Braid Logotype

Traveling in times of COVID.

By Danié Gómez-Ortigoza

July 7, 2020

Traveling had become so common: there we were, flying from one country to the other without thinking. And now, all of a sudden, borders are more present than before. The passports you have access to, determine where you can and cannot go, creating a feeling of disconnection that underlines the fact that even though we are the same species, we are not seen as such.

There is no turning back to globalization, however it seems that the negative contributions of those who warned us are more present than ever, and the positive ones, those that united us, are blurry.

We stop seeing each other, because with such tremendous coverage in our mouths and nose, the stories that tell our faces get lost.

Suddenly, the unexpected conversations with strangers are a thing of the past. We keep our distance looking fearfully at each other, knowing that our life depends on the care that the person next to us puts on their life.

Hard to understand that some people don’t see it that way; they don’t wear the mask with a mocking stare.

And there are also the elderly, the most vulnerable, who give up after hours of carrying theirs, exposing their health.

To travel to France this time, I put on a black cape. Now that little by little I have perfected the art of taming ribbons, I want to go back to the feeling of the Spanish tradition of Language Estudiantina’, who were singers who carried their story in a cape.

The first element consists on adding the patches of the places where I have lived. Now I will add the first ribbon on the back, which represents Provence, and traveling in times of COVID.

We need to keep finding ways to tell stories. To keep alive before others who we are and how our differences also unite us even if it is only through the feeling of curiosity that they generate.

The time will come when we understand what this strange situation is for.

Someday we will know.

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