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We Should All Be Activists

By Danié Gómez-Ortigoza

October 13, 2017

I was discussing the current state of the world with a friend not long ago, and she said that the more she felt the chaos around us,  the more she wanted to stay inside her bubble with her son, not caring for anything else. I used to be her, and my bubble was so very beautiful.

Yet it popped: the soapy texture that divided me from the reality and crudeness of natural disaster headlines disappeared, and with it, an understanding of the current conditions of the world we have created.
No. No. No. We can’t afford to turn our heads any longer.
Someone on Instagram mentioned to me that it was interesting how I had become an activist, I re-read her message twice: me? activist?
But it’s true.
Think of it.
We are all activists.

The way we live our life, sets an example to others, wether we take responsibility of it, or not.
Every suggestion.
Every choice.
It matters.
You matter.
So we should all be activists.
Conscious activists.
And live up to what we want the world to become.

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