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The stories we tell ourselves

I fight the biggest battles in my bed at night. There’s something about silence that welcomes past and future into my sheets. Present. I can rarely live in the present, unless I’m meditating, and even […]

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On why you should create an Alter-Ego

I contain so many versions of myself… You’d be surprised. The version that the outside world gets of me depends on a mix of external triggers –the right energy, the right attitude, the car that […]

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danie gomez ortigoza journey of a braid equilibrium black tule hair down

On balance, and vertigo

Anyone whose goal is ‘something higher’, must expect someday to suffer vertigo. What is vertigo? Fear of falling? No. Vertigo is something other than fear of falling. It’s the voice of the emptiness below us […]

Journey through Art

In a society where everything has a price-tag attached to it, what is the value of an emotion? December is the most important month of the year in Miami. All the key personalities of the […]

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The Surrealism of Catastrophe: Hurricane Irma

We read daily stories regarding natural disasters, war, or dictatorships and see them as something so distant. It’s the first time I live a natural disaster of this kind, and I was pretty impressed by […]

What are we so afraid of, anyway?

As I keep refreshing the news tab on what has become my favorite search term –hurricane Irma– I can't help but wonder, what are we so afraid of, anyway? I get it. The list is […]

We Need Less Influencers, And More Poets

We like; we comment; we follow and unfollow; we tag… or not. We choose our emoticons carefully; we quietly observe certain profiles, yet engage with others. We measure our influence, and idolize the most liked, […]

Let’s Talk About Costa Rica: A Journey of Friendship and Discovery

What does a Colombian actress and model, Victoria Secret’s first Latin American Angel, a celebrity stylist, and I have in common? We are passionate for our roots and have a burning desire to share with […]

How community transforms into culture: Miami Fashion Week 2017

As I experienced the closing show for Miami Fashion Week 2017, with the beautiful designs of Ángel Sánchez,  I realized how much Miami has changed. The reality is, currently all eyes are in this city: The […]

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The journey/ La Jornada

We are surrounded by stories. Social networks, the news, blogs, television, our family, neighbors, friends, even the lady we say hello to every morning as we arrive to the office shares a bit of her story with us. […]