Don’t be afraid of the dark

One of my earliest childhood memories is my five year old self coming back from school, and entering into my mothers dark room, at the end of a very long … Continue reading Don’t be afraid of the dark

Mirror Conversations// Chapter IV: Let’s return to that far away land

Mirrors are everywhere. In nature, I see my reflection as I journey through Chamonix, France.

Mirror Conversations //Chapter I: Unbraided

‘Mirror conversations’ are a series of videos where I explore the intimate relationship we have to mirrors. I hold a complicated relationship with the girl that lives there. I can’t hide anything from her staring eyes.

The Perfection of Chaos: Motherhood 1.1

On juggling motherhood, and how no one has the right answer.

On why you shouldn’t be intimidated by fashion

Don’t wait to have permission from a title to allow yourself to be who you are, and most importantly, don’t be intimidated by fashion.

Who made my clothes?

Change often begins silently, followed by events that seem unimportant; for example, you wake up one morning and have breakfast. You kiss your kids good-bye, and head over to work … Continue reading Who made my clothes?

To all the women of my life on International Women’s Day

This year has been quite interesting. Terrible catastrophes like the Parkland Shooting, and unbearable situations that had become the norm (Me Too Movement), are leading an evolution on our culture. … Continue reading To all the women of my life on International Women’s Day

On my childhood crush on Michael Jackson, and how his mission of healing the world should be in everyone’s agenda

On the importance of vulnerability to heal the world