Miami Swim Week 2019 (or how I discovered I’ve turned into a Conversationalist)

Inclusion, sustainability, and beautiful productions were some of the components of this year's Swim Week. It truly is a special week for Miami.  I'm usually traveling during this time of year, but this time I chose to stay here. In time, specific events like this one, become references to remember what life felt like before. [...]

Journey through the USA: Charleston and Savannah

It's easy to get lost in the bling-bling that the United States portrays, because of the shopping experiences, branding, the shows... and yet, there is so much history to be explored. I spent a couple of days in South Carolina and Georgia. To my surprise, both Savannah and Charleston proved to be extremely charming towns, filled [...]

WRINKLE IN TIME: Las arrugas y el pasado

I once met a woman with all the right wrinkles: they told a story. Her eyes were filled with wisdom. I will never forget her face. In time, I've always wanted to be that woman. When I was 5 years old my mother would always shout at me whenever I did facial expressions; 'You are going to [...]

The Anatomy of Passion

WHEN THE BODY FUNCTIONS SPONTANEOUSLY, THAT IS CALLED INSTINCT. WHEN THE SOUL FUNCTIONS SPONTANEOUSLY, THAT IS CALLED INTUITION." –SHREE RAJNEESH When we are born, we carry the knowledge of divinity within. If you don't believe me, stare at a newborn straight in the eye, and you'll understand what I mean. They know. You knew. We [...]

Black Canvas: Once upon a Braid

You can only understand your journey from the perspective of your future self. When you’re living in the present there’s way too much noise. I don’t remember where this journey began; all I know is I found myself one day trapped inside this body, trying to make sense of the world around me.

The Future: What if we were brave enough to care?

What’s happening to the world?  Where are we headed? I had never felt so concerned in regards to the current state of the planet, specially when it comes to politics: I don't understand how this became such a complicated world all of a sudden. Perhaps it has always been this way, but I'm older and more [...]

Don’t be afraid of the dark

One of my earliest childhood memories is my five year old self coming back from school, and entering into my mothers dark room, at the end of a very long corridor. I would always open the door as quietly as I could. The heavy backed-out curtains were closed, and yet, some rays of light, painted [...]

Mirror Conversations //Chapter I: Unbraided

‘Mirror conversations’ are a series of videos where I explore the intimate relationship we have to mirrors. I hold a complicated relationship with the girl that lives there. I can’t hide anything from her staring eyes.

On building a successful gallery; a conversation with Lexing Zhang from Art Lexing

For me fashion is a lot more about art, than about clothes. In this very special conversation with Lexing Zhang we explore the different situations that led her to create Art Lexing, a very special gallery in Miami.

Who made my clothes?

Change often begins silently, followed by events that seem unimportant; for example, you wake up one morning and have breakfast. You kiss your kids good-bye, and head over to work like you do everyday, and suddenly the building you are in, collapses. No, it's not Mother Earth calling, it's preventable 'structural damage' better described as [...]

To all the women of my life on International Women’s Day

This year has been quite interesting. Terrible catastrophes like the Parkland Shooting, and unbearable situations that had become the norm (Me Too Movement), are leading an evolution on our culture. We are finally realizing we have a voice, and we need to use it. The way has been paved for this moment by generations, and [...]